20 Secrets About the Jurassic Park Franchise Revealed


7. But Goldblum revealed that his character was almost cut from the movie. 

“I’d quickly read the book in preparation and Steven said, ‘Since we scheduled this meeting, there’s an idea afoot to combine the two characters, to absorb your character into the Sam Neill character,'” the actor explained. “I said, ‘Well, geez. I hope you don’t do that.’ I might have even advocated on the spot, and I came back and lo and behold I had a little part in it.”

8. Christina Ricci was in consideration for Lex Murphy, but Ariana Richards won the part for an unusual reason. “I was called into a casting office, and they just wanted me to scream,” Richardson shared. “I heard later on that Steven had watched a few girls on tape that day, and I was the only one who ended up waking his sleeping wife off the couch and she came running through the hallway to see if the kids were all right.”

9. After initially auditioning for Spielberg for 1991’s Hook and being told he was “too young,” Joseph Mazzello was cast as Tim after the director vowed to get him in another movie. “Not only a nice promise to get, but to have it be one of the biggest box-office smashes of all time?” Mazzello said. “That’s a pretty good trade.”


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