3 Fashion Editor–Approved Airport Outfit Ideas


On my most recent trip to the airport, I was traveling with some friends to Tulum, and when I met my friends at the gate, our contrasting outfits stood out to me. I was wearing a matching sweatsuit with flat sandals and a fitted baby tee while my friends wore jeans, casual tops, and hats. Some of my friends even traveled in heels. Personally, I take the comfortable route when it comes to travel looks.

Traveling is my number one opportunity to wear all of my coziest athleisure sets all day long. I mean, no one really loves to sit in the airport or on an airplane all day and be uncomfortable. However, my friends’ stylish approach to airport fashion has inspired me to step it up a little, and when I thought about it, I came up with three easy outfit formulas I can wear that don’t sacrifice comfort.

Keep scrolling to see the airport looks I’ll be traveling in all summer long.


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