5 Tips to Prevent Colon Cancer Effectively


Breast cancer is among the cancer types that get more attention worldwide. However, people and medical specialists need to pay more attention to colon cancer as they do. According to a study, this cancer is among the third most common type of cancer, and almost one lakh and fifty-thousand people experience colon cancer in the United States.

This is quite shocking that younger adults under the age of fifty are more prone to colon cancer. However, according to the best cancer specialist in Islamabad, it is an important fact that it is easy to prevent colon cancer. If you follow the guidelines of these specialists then you can reduce the risks of colon cancer by seventy-five percent.

Tips to Prevent Colon Cancer

These tips can be effective to prevent colon cancer as well as these tips would help you to maintain good health:

1- Consume More Plant-Based Foods

The best and most effective thing you can do to prevent colon is to add more plant-based foods to your diet. Several kinds of research found that a diet that is packed with vegetables, legumes, etc. can effectively reduce the risks of colon cancer along with several other types of cancer.

In addition, a study, that was conducted in 2017, found that consuming fiber, vegetables, and fresh fruits effectively reduces your risks of developing colon cancer. Additionally, the following study also concluded that eating processed meat over a period of time can increase the risks of this type of cancer.

Another study showed that plant-based foods reduce the risks of colon cancer by forty-nine percent as compared to those who consumed meat regularly. Plant-based foods don’t cause any side effects to anyone and give benefits against a multitude of cancer.

2- Get Screening

Catching a disease at the early stage is the best way to treat it because when at the initial level, it is easy to get rid of diseases, even the deadly ones. Therefore, going for regular screening for colon would help you a lot to prevent this disease.

The screening will help to catch traces of colon cancer early when it is utmost correctable. This will also help a specialist to find any abnormal growth of cells known as polyps that can turn into cancer.

Several tests are available for colon cancer but they need to be done more often. The selection of a test, usually, depends on your own choice and medical history. An oncologist can give you ab effective advice in this regard. It becomes more essential for you to go for screening regularly if you have a family history of colon cancer, even at a younger age you can’t ignore your screening.

In addition, if a specialist finds anything suspicious, it is important to go for a colonoscopy. In a colonoscopy, they use a camera at the tip of a long tube to take a look inside the long colon. Oncologists recommend that colonoscopy every ten years can be enough.

3- Quit Your Smoking Habit

Do you know that people who smoke regularly experience the risks of colon cancer fifty percent more than those who don’t smoke? It means that this would be the best way to prevent cancer by quitting smoking. We know that quitting smoking is not easy because people always find it difficult to leave any habit. In this regard, you can get help from your close friends, family members, and medical specialists. You can go for other options that are safe alternatives to smoking.

A study, that was conducted in twelve years, found that there was an association between colon cancer and cigarette smoking in one lakh and eighty-thousand people. This study also concluded that there were increased risks of colon cancer in regular smokers. The results also showed that people who at the age of forty stopped smoking experienced decreased risks of smoking or they didn’t smoke for more than thirty-one years.

4- Maintain a Healthy Weight

Being overweight or obese does not only increase the risks of high blood pressure, etc. but also increases the risks of several types of cancer. After smoking, obesity is the second greatest common reason for colon cancer.

According to studies, there are at least thirteen types of cancer that are linked with increased weight, including colon cancer. If you are obese or getting weight fast, the first thing is to stop gaining weight. After that, you will take measures to lose weight. A reduction in weight will also improve your health and reduce the risks of colon cancer.

5- Be Active

There are a lot of people who experience increased risks of colon cancer due to limited physical activities. Being physically active is not a difficult task but many people don’t stay active due to laziness. 

If you stay active, it will help to reduce several diseases such as colon cancer, this will also provide a mental boost.

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