Asics Sneakers Are the Surprising Sneaker Trend Taking Off


I’ve been quietly clocking the rise of this “ugly” sneaker trend. Over the course of this spring, I noticed an uptick in a certain sneaker style that I can only describe as, well, surprising. The fashion crowd has never shied away from a controversial pair of shoes—as we’ve seen time and again with It sneakers such as the Balenciaga Triple S and the New Balance 990s. So when the stylish women on my Instagram feed started donning this next style, I wasn’t completely shocked. But I did start taking note of their appearances, and now, it’s time I break my silence on this rising fashion-person style. The kicks in question? Asics Gel sneakers

Yes, that’s right. The sneakers popular among dads everywhere have rebranded themselves as the next insider must-have, following in the footsteps of New Balance. And after the brand collaborated with menswear designer Kiko Kostadinov on a few exclusive colorways, it seems that Asics has never had more buzz. Scandi cool girls are another reason why I’m betting big on Asics. They’re usually 10 steps ahead of us when it comes to what’s cool, and my Stockholm and Oslo feeds tell me that Asics is their latest sneaker obsession, which means the rest of us aren’t far behind. 

One thing’s clear: These sneakers have officially made it onto my radar and shopping list. Ahead, take a look at some standout styling moments with Asics sneakers and shop all the colors the must-have sneakers come in.


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