Colleges award tenure


Arkansas State University

  • Khem Aryal, English
  • Katherine Baker, art history
  • Andrea Brown, occupational therapy
  • Nicole Covey, teacher education
  • Mark Foster, nursing
  • Hyunju Jeong, civil engineering
  • Pam Lewis-Kipkulei, occupational therapy
  • Amanda Mohler, occupational therapy
  • Veronika Pribyslavska, exercise science
  • Tarek Ragab, civil engineering
  • Joseph Richmond, disaster preparedness and emergency management
  • Hilary Schloemer, management
  • Eric Scudamore, exercise science
  • Alicia Shaw, educational leadership
  • Dinah Tetteh, communication studies
  • Robert Williams, educational leadership

Clarkson University

  • Diana White, mathematics

St. Bonaventure University

  • Mohammed Jahed, management
  • Sean Ryan, biology
  • Christine Uhl, mathematics

St. Norbert College

  • Lindsey Bosko-Dunbar, mathematics
  • Erinn Brooks, sociology
  • Judy Cervantes, Spanish
  • Jonathan Dunbar, mathematics
  • Katie Ginsbach, Spanish
  • John Hennecken, music
  • Jacob Laubacher, mathematics
  • John-Gabriel Licht, business administration
  • Nick Mauro, physics
  • Kevin Quinn, economics
  • Kim Smith, communications and media studies
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