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It PDF is a thriller-horror novel written by the best-selling American author Stephen King. The book was released worldwide in 1986. This was the twenty-second book authored by King and published worldwide by the Viking publication house. The book comprises over 1100+ pages in hard copy.

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It PDF, Epub: Plot And Review:

The story of the IT Epub revolves around the main character ‘it’ that is a clown in the book. ‘It’ targets its primary victims that are small children and terrorize them by things that they fear most. This is the basic tactic that is used by the clown to hunt down its preys. The main cover of the book represents a sewer system that portrays how ‘it’ lives inside the sewer hole under the bridge and only comes out to hunt down its preys. There are basically seven children that are targeted in seven different ways in the book.

IT PDF is a best-selling thriller novel and one of the masterpieces penned by Stephen King. The book was named the best book by many critics after it came out in 1986. It was later nominated in several best-selling award categories including nominations in the Locus Awards and World Fantasy Book Awards. The book won in the best-seller category of the British Fantasy Awards in 1987. The book has also been adapted as a movie two times; once in 1990 and once in 2017.

About Author (Stephen King):

Stephen King is a fiction horror, thriller and fantasy novel writer. He was born in September 1947 in America. He is regarded as one of the best-selling authors of America with his books selling more than 400 million copies worldwide till date. King often goes by the pen name Richard Bachman. On a personal front, he is married and his 3 children.

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