Have you considered the After Effects of Alcoholism before Giving in?

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There is nothing wrong with enjoying a glass of wine or a pint of beer now and then! However, are you giving in to temptations way too often? Is alcohol becoming a compulsive requirement for you? Have you started contemplating attending an AA meeting in Iowa for dealing with your uncontrolled urges? Does life seem exceedingly difficult without Alcohol? If the answers to most of these questions are a “yes”, it’s time to sit up and take note!

Be Aware of what Drinking in Moderation Means

Whereas we may continue to drink every day, we might be under the false impression that we are drinking in moderation! What does drinking in moderation mean? 

  1. For men, when the consumption is equal to or less than 2 pegs a day, it is called drinking in moderation.
  2. For women, it is less than or equal to 1 peg a day for qualifying as a moderate drinker. 

If you are drinking any more than these recommended qualities, you are not a moderate drinker although you may be under the impression of the same. As alcoholics, AA meetings would reiterate, that remaining in denial about your consumption status could be one of the major causes for pushing you towards addiction! You need to be extremely aware, therefore! 

Short Term Effects of Drinking 

Drinking is pleasurable, at least during the initial period of consumption. Some of the common effects could be a completely relaxed demeanor coupled with low inhibitions. One might start feeling relaxed right after the first drink! Subsequently, the pleasurable feeling might give way to slurred speech and even a gross loss of consciousness! 

If you refer to sessions conducted by “AA meetings near me”, they would make you aware of dehydration-related impacts like dizziness, headache, and even nausea that might occur. However, the occurrence of these symptoms would depend on the type of alcohol you are consuming and also whether you have taken good care in keeping yourself hydrated. Provided you have consumed enough water alongside alcohol, dehydration symptoms are not likely to occur. 

If dehydration becomes severe, common symptoms could include violent mood changes, impulsiveness, loss of coordination, and so on. Although these symptoms might not last long, they could end up affecting your judgment, your behavior and even contribute to life-changing events like accidents, wrong decision making, and injuries, and so on. These could in turn lead to decisions you will most certainly regret when sobriety dawns! 

Make sure you check your mental status on a sobriety calculator every time you end your drinking sessions. These checkpoints can then help you to remain on track! 

Long Term Effects of Alcohol Consumption 

Some long term effects of prolonged alcohol consumption would include:

  1. Chronic sleep disorders like insomnia and other associated disrupted sleep patterns may become the order of the day! 
  2. Drinking beyond moderation can end up weakening your immunity. This could mean that you would get sick easily and more often. 
  3. There could be negative impacts on your sexual functions and libido. 
  4. There might be drastic weight gains and uncalled-for binge urges when it comes to unhealthy food. 

Join an AA meeting before it’s too late! 


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