How About Getting a Tan? Sun or Sunless? We Provide Answers Here!

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Acquiring a gorgeous tan is very much in vogue these days! We all wish to work up that shimmery bronze-hued tan and flaunt it in style. So, what are the options available at hand? Heading to the beach and spending hours sunbathing is of course the most natural means of acquiring a tan. However, natural processes have their limitations. Alternatively, you can consider heading to the “best tanning salon near me” for help and guidance on treatment methods. 

Is Sun Exposure for Tanning Bad? 

Controlled sun exposure especially during the early morning hours is good for your system since it helps in working up the Vitamin D levels in your blood. However, the exposure needs to be extended to work up a tan. Besides, early morning sunlight may not be suitable for tanning. You may need to expose your skin to intense sun rays if you wish to acquire a natural tan. Here are some important points to keep in mind before undergoing natural tanning. 

    • UV Radiation: What could be most harmful about too much sun exposure is the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. For effective protection, one has to slather on a sunscreen lotion with a sun protection factor for minimizing the damage. Then again, applying sunscreen could hamper the tanning process! This is why; sunless alternatives like spray tanning for instance have gained much popularity with time.
    • Permanent Skin Damage: Over exposing yourself to UV radiation could lead to permanent skin blemishes and skin damage even. Extreme cases may lead to skin cancers too. Heading to a tanning salon in Boca Raton could be a better and safer alternative. 
  • Low Blood Pressure: Longer sun exposure can lead to low blood pressure in many. 
    • Heart-Related Complications: If there are cardiac problems or ailments you are dealing with, heat exposure isn’t the best thing for you. Excessive sweating can cause problems like breathlessness and so on, adding undue stress to your heart. 
  • Dehydration: Excessive heat encountered during natural tanning sessions on a sunny beach can cause dehydration many. If you must consider sun tanning, make sure you keep yourself hydrated with sufficient water. Carry electrolyte-infused water wherever you go and keep yourself charged at all times. Losing vital salts due to endless sweating can result in muscle cramping, cardiac seizures, and more. 
  • Eye Protection: Protecting your eyes in the glaring sun is important. Remember, blue and green eyes are more prone to UV damage than black and brown eyes. You need to choose your glares carefully, therefore. If you choose a sunless tanning salon in Coral Springs, however, the risks are few. 
  • Sun Tanning is Time Consuming: With natural tanning, spending a long time under the sun may be required. Also, sun tanning is a seasonal phenomenon. You may not be able to work up a tan during the cold winter months even if you wish to! 

Tanning Salons are preferable solutions. Make sure you choose the best one you can afford. 

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