The Increasing Trend of Traditional men’s Peshawari Chappals

Peshawari Chappal – Fusion of Ethnic Style & Comfort

Comfort level is the most important aspect associated with Peshawari chappal for men. If your chappal or sandal is not relaxing, you may end up with tired feet. There was a time when men were not particular about their shoes or their quality but now the time has surely changed.
Now men only pick highly comfortable, stylish and premium quality Peshawari chappal or Peshawari kheri designs for summers. This traditional men’s footwear is worn as a statement in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other regions of Pakistan. Peshawari Chappal has taken its name from ‘Peshawar’ city while ‘Chappal’ is a local name for slippers. Mainly Peshawari Chappals are made from pure leather and rubber. Peshawari chappal price in Pakistan ranges from 2500 to 5000 depending upon the quality.

Peshawari Chappals – Traditional Beauty

Peshawari sandal or chappal is semi-closed footwear. It comprises two leather straps that are linked to the sole by crossing each other. Moreover, it has an adjustable back side strap with a buckle. If you are looking for Peshawari chappal online, you will see various brands selling them. Don’t settle for less and always purchase the best Peshawari chappal for yourself. Because your feet are important and they deserve to be taken care of. The Peshawari chappal or norozi kheri price in Pakistan varies from brand to brand. Some of the brands like Urbansole and Endure are proposing excellent designs at the best prices. We will talk about this pointer later in the blog.

Upgrade your Shoe Rack with latest Chappals

Men wear Peshawari chappals at casual or formal festive events with Shalwar Kameez or Kurta Pyjama. Nowadays, many brands have launched contemporary chappal designs with quirky patterns to upgrade the fashion game. They are used as an alternative to sandals or slippers due to their comfort level. It is a hit design between youngsters and elders equally. To get your perfect fit, you should know your exact foot size by buying Peshawari sandals online. Let’s have a look at the best design Peshawari chappals for this season.

Shiny black Peshawari Chappal

Black is the most celebrated colour when it comes to shoes. Your shoe rack is incomplete without Black Peshawari sandals. Although Peshawari summer sandals are available in different shades and designs depending on your need. But you can’t deny the fact that black has its own charm. You need to add this design to your cart if you don’t have it. It goes well with every Shalwar Kameez. You can put it on while going on a Friday prayer or while going out with friends for a decent Eastern look. You may find a few designer sandals while doing sandals shopping online but they will be costly. With Urbansole’s online Peshawari chappal collection, you don’t have to visit retail stores or open shoe markets. This sleek black Peshawari chappal by Urbansole is enough to give you a picture-perfect look.

Graceful Brown Peshawari Chappal

Another basic colour which can be a good summer option is brown leather sandals for men. It is a modest colour choice for all those who don’t prefer to go for shades of black. You can also use these summer sandals as an alternative to black ones. Well-known brands like Urbansole have some worth-buying range of brown men’s sandals. You can purchase a plain brown, textured or checkered Peshawari chappal to achieve a classy look. For Festive events like Eid or Weddings, brown Peshawari chappals can act as the best sandals for men. Bring some change in your shoe choices by selecting some stylish sandals for men in different hues of brown. Your friends will definitely notice this change!

Other Hot Options

If you are a person who just loves to experiment with his shoes, we recommend you to go for any shade of Blue Peshawari sandals. This colour will make your feet look handsome. If you want to catch all the attention, bring in some checkered Peshawari chappals. An aesthetically beautiful fusion of style, trend and tradition. You can further look for matte chappals for creating a balanced look. Peshawari sandals come in a few prominent forms like Charsadda, Kaptaan, Norozi, and Kheri. All these types are crafted with different techniques.

Perfect Brand to Buy Peshawari Chappals

If you have made up your mind to buy a few pairs of Peshawari chappals then visit Urbansole or Endure. Their Peshawari chappals are available in stores and online. If we compare the quality and price of these two brands then our vote goes for Urbansole. Their hand-crafted top-quality sandals are a true manifestation of style and tradition. Working in the industry for years, they have never failed to impress their customers with their wide shoe range.

Value for money

After analyzing multiple brands, Urbansole takes the lead due to its high-quality material and reasonable prices. As compared to other brands, it is giving the best value for your money. If you want to get hold of durable Peshawari chappals, shop from their online store. All of their ethnic chappals are made of pure leather, soft inner sole and long-lasting outer sole. Urbansole’s Peshawari chappals are a perfect choice to ensure comfort and style. Fair prices, exclusive designs, good return policy and best quality, what else do you need?
Shop your favourite Peshawari chappal online and enjoy a comfortable walk for long hours!

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