Who Would Sal Vulcano Want as the 4th Impractical Joker? He Says…


And with episodes filled with newcomers, we may just be in for more laughs than ever before. 

“You don’t know how it’s gonna work when you introduce someone into what we do,” Sal, who’s currently on a 60-city stand-up comedy tour, explained, “but I can tell you because of that dynamic, it reached different and new heights as far as what we were able to do and how much we laughed again.”

He continued, “To see someone new in these scenarios, like that energy, you can’t recreate it—to see it through their eyes, to put someone through the wringer and someone that you guys know, like, it’s another public person.”

From the sound of it, this season will be so good it’ll have you yelling “Larry!”

Tune-in to season 10 of Impractical Jokers when it premieres June 16 on TruTV.


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