All You Need To Know When DIY Decorating The Wedding


Looking for wedding planner services is currently a trend for couples. However, self-indulgent for their wedding is also one of the new trends among couples. DIY decorating your wedding will bring a feeling and great memories to keep. Here are the things you need to know when DIY decorating the wedding.

1. Planning, wedding decoration ideas

When planning, everything will be easier and more convenient because everything is prepared. A list of items to buy and rent will help you a lot. First, you have to come up with ideas for the wedding gate, the stage, and the wedding room.

Tables and chairs, tablecloths, stage sets, tarpaulins, curtains, sound systems, flower gate frames, etc. are things you should definitely rent instead of buying by yourself.

Fresh flowers, artificial flowers, foam letters, fireworks, balloons, etc. are things that can be easily found and purchased at places selling wedding decorations.

In particular, you can search for decorative color schemes and edit and redesign them yourself to your liking. You can decorate in many different styles from classic, and romantic with warm colors to a modern youthful styles with bright, eye-catching colors.

For choosing fresh flowers, you can order a few days in advance at flower shops, so you should book in advance to not be too busy on important days. Note, when buying items, you need to choose the right size for the place you decorate and save money when decorating a wedding

The selection of wine

Wine is an indispensable thing in the wedding ceremony, so you also need to have a plan for choosing a delicious and beautiful wine as well as matching the overall decoration.

Choose a decorated wedding cake

At some weddings, the bride and groom will be able to decorate more cakes – a symbol of sweetness. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a wedding cake.

Make sure the color is in harmony with the color of the table and chairs

Make sure the decoration of the top of the cake is not too colorful, simple but delicate.

It is possible to add some small cakes around, creating balance if your table is too empty.

2. DIY wedding gate decoration

First of all, you can refer to the wedding portal decoration ideas on the internet, especially beautiful image websites like Pinterest always have many good and modern ideas for you to choose from.

Floral or glossy decorative materials are the easiest ideas to implement, so you can just rent an arch or square gate frame and add decorative details and you can be done.

Note when decorating the wedding gate:

Before decorating, you need to find out the beautiful wedding gate pattern, as well as choose the decorative tones that can be easily found and purchased, without having to wait to print quite hard. Finding a reputable flower place is also a way to save money when buying flowers to decorate the wedding gate. 

In addition, couples can rent two flower baskets placed on either side of the wedding gate to add more prominence to the scene. Other small decorations such as balloons, letters, flowers, or ribbons will be coordinated together in a harmonious and reasonable way in both color and layout.

You can completely refer to their presentation and color schemes of them to create a wedding gate that looks outstanding but no less sophisticated.

This simple decoration is a trend among many young people. They love simplicity, and minimalism but bring a very high sophistication.


3. Decorate your own wedding backdrop (backdrop) and flowers for the wedding table

You can design and print your own wedding font, using homemade paper flowers to complete a simple but still beautiful backdrop. How to make paper flowers of many sizes can be found in a video tutorial on youtube.

Wedding tables and chairs when rented are available with tablecloths and chair covers. Therefore, you can use pretty cups or flowerpots with eye-catching shapes, so remember to have the same color as other decorations to make it easier to see. If you want to add a special part, you can print decal stickers, on which the name of the bride-groom and the date of the event, it will look less industrial and boring.

For the design of fonts as well as colors, you need to be meticulous and meticulous because this is the most prominent area of ​​a wedding ceremony. Choose fonts that are simple yet sophisticated. Colors choose colors that are harmonious and easy to combine with any of the rest of the background colors such as white or light pink.

4. Conclusion

Here are some ways to decorate your wedding at home. Hopefully, this useful information can help you decorate the wedding ceremony by yourself in a simple way, with less effort, and bring an impressive and meaningful wedding day into your life! And if you do not have too much time to prepare the wedding decoration properly, you can easily find wedding decoration services. In addition, you can follow or to find more great ideas in wedding decoration and lifestyle.

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