When looking for a dog car for your pup, you may want to consider buying one that is made from durable materials. These types of cover are waterproof and easy to install. Also, they are designed to fit cars, trucks and SUVs. These models are also designed to resist scratches, and they include adjustable straps and anti-slip silicone backing.


The Bulldogology dog car is a well-engineered product. It boasts of features such as a large grey waterproof lining, durable headrest adjustable straps, and an innovative patented design. It measures 55″ x 82″ inches, and can be removed in under 30 seconds. It is made of a 600D oxford with a water-resistant coating Bulldogology Pet Solutions, and comes with a dog seat belt to ensure your pooch’s safety.

The best part is that the quality is top notch. The cover is built to last and can be easily configured into a hammock, bench, or standard bench style. It also includes side flaps for a comprehensive all-around protection. Moreover, the company offers a lifetime warranty for its products.

The Bulldogology dog car’s most impressive feature is its ability to protect the interior of your vehicle from scratches, hair, and stains. Taking your dog on road trips can be a messy business, and cleaning the car afterward is often a hassle. This is where a quality car seat cover can be a godsend. The company’s covers are crafted from high-grade materials and padded with thick, cushioning material to provide maximum durability and comfort.

Easy to install

If you’re looking for a dog car seat cover, there are a few different options to choose from. These dog car seat covers are made of high quality materials and come with features such as side flaps for all-around protection and a soft back seat anchor. These cover are also easy to install. They are designed to protect your car seats and prevent stains and spills.

The Bulldogology Premium Cargo Liner Cover is a heavy-duty, waterproof cover that is designed for long-term use. This pet cargo liner is made of water-resistant material and has adjustable straps and buckles. Its design makes it easy to install and fits all kinds of vehicles. It is 100% waterproof and can even be used on vehicles with open windows. Its extra thick padding and 20″ bumper flap make it durable and a good choice for your dog.

The Plush Paws Waterproof Cargo Liner is another great option. It is made from thick padding that is climate-tolerant and is AZO-free. It has a non-skid silicon backing and includes an adjustable headrest strap. This is a great way to protect your dog from dirt and odors. It can be thrown in the washing machine for quick clean-up.

Long-term use

For your long-term travel needs, there’s a new breed of dog car seat cover out there that’s the perfect mix of function and fashion. Made from double-stitched quilted superior GSM oxford cloth, this dog car seat cover is waterproof, comfortable, and durable. Plus, it also comes with side flaps for all-around protection. It’s also waterproof and includes non-slip silicone backing to keep it in place. And it’s got adjustable headrest straps, too!

Its most notable features include its padded, climate-resistant material, 20-inch bumper flap, and thick padding. Considering it was designed for pets, it’s also chemical-free and durable. The Bulldogology frock is available in 56×58 or 60×64 inches, and it’s made to match the interior of your car. Aside from its protective qualities, it’s also easy to install and carry.

The Bulldogology car seat cover also features a nifty non-slip silicone backing to help it stay in place. And while it may not be as fancy as some of its competitors, it’s a cinch to install. And for your convenience, it’s made to fit virtually any type of car, so you can use it for your dog’s short trips to the park, and longer road trips to the beach.

Lifetime warranty

When you purchase Bulldogology dog car covers, you receive a lifetime warranty. This includes a guarantee for the seat covers’ durability and craftsmanship. They also include waterproof materials and moisture protection to prevent stains and damage. They feature a non-slip silicon backing to ensure your dog’s safety, and a headrest adjustable strap for easy use. You can clean the covers in the washer or by wiping with a damp cloth.

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