【Fixed 2022】11 Ways on How to Fix Critical Error Your Start Menu Isn’t Working Windows 10 11


If you have more than one HDD, leave only the HDD with Windows installed and test multiple SATA ports and cables. Once you have booted from the disc, and are on the Windows Options menu press R to enter the Recovery Console. You can preview file’s original content by double clicking it. File preview can help judge whether files can be recovered correctly and successfully, because it identifies whether file has been damaged. You can check the “Align partitions to 1MB ” option to improve the performance for advanced format disk & SSD. After finishing the disk test, if there are some bad sectors, you should take a measure to shield them.

  • Try the steps in this document skipping anything that does not apply or has already been tried.
  • Before fixing a hardware build I / O error, you need to restart your computer and quickly access your external hard drive again.
  • Formatting a hard disk that refuses to work properly is a drastic option, but its effectiveness can’t be denied.
  • Have you fixed your hard drive with CHKDSK utility?

Now even I tried to hit Ctrl+alt+del any number of times, it shows no response. I just done a HP test of the hard drive and it said it failed with a string error 9BV4GK-0008MS-X87R76-609R03. What is this string error and do I need to replace the hard drive? I tried to restart my PC when then a disk error msg appeared. These tools don’t work unless you have found errors on the drive after running CheckDisk.

How to Fix a Stuck Scanning and Repairing Drive with Windows PowerShell

I know many of you might have faced something similar, and few of you are still facing it now so. After this, no matter how many times you attempt to start your computer in different ways to solve this problem. It could take at least a day to get through all of them. But, a disk error might not indicate that there are problems with the hard drive.

Close all applications and restart the computer. Note When you restart, Windows checks the drive for errors, and then Windows starts. It is worth noting that downloading and installing wrong driver versions can damage your system. Using a professional driver troubleshooter, such as Auslogics Driver Updater, maintains your system’s safety and prevents it from permanent damage. It repairs all problematic drivers in one click. You can update your drivers automatically with Auslogics Driver Updater.

After verification, you can preview the recovered image from the hard disk for products, pictures, movies, music, office files, etc. Select the files you want on your computer and click “Recover” to get all the files back. Make sure the external tablet with I / O device error is properly connected to the computer. Afterward, you can open your device to check whether the I/O error still exists..

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Windows was unable to repair the drive: How can I fix that?

Because if one, for example, even leads to a disk non-system, then the error ” disk read error occurred “could happen. I have NTLDR is missing – press ctrl alt del to restart error of nightmare. You should have a support of recovery recovery drive series four years ago, when you set up the PC.

Windows 11 compatibility check

Antivirus software is certainly helpful to have, but it can sometimes cause problems when trying to install Windows 11. These are the minimum specs required for running Windows 11, but for the best Windows https://driversol.com/articles/ 11 experience, we recommend you install it on a device that’s more powerful. The 4GB RAM requirement is especially low – we wouldn’t recommend trying to run Windows 11 on anything with less than 8GB of RAM.

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