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The use of videos to achieve unbelievable marketing goals is possibly an idea that has been around for some time now. Until there was a way to scale up the delivery of such videos to the masses, this did not appear likely.  

Today, with just about everyone carrying a smartphone in his/her hand, the situation has changed entirely. As a marketer, you can reach your audience anywhere and at any time. 

Social media and dedicated video-based platforms are redefining even search marketing by acquiring many of the characteristics of search engines. 

Besides, conventional modes of sending out messages can easily be used to share videos with an ever-increasing number of users. 

If you consider wedding videography in Long Island or any other place, for instance, the market is huge and demands newer ways of capturing the special moments of a wedding ceremony.  

The scope of growth is enormous in video marketing and the only challenge is how well you are able to utilize and exert your imagination. 

Of course, it is not always necessary or even desirable to go on a creative overdrive as that can dilute your message and your audience might miss the point. 

The most important thing that you need to realize is to make a video that projects your product or service offering in a way that you want. 

Is your audience able to see the benefits of what you are offering, the way you want them to see it? The main advantage here is that a video is the easiest way to do that. 

Pages with video content get much longer views 

One of the most important engagement parameters that search engines take into account for allowing a website to scale up the ranking of a page is known as ‘dwell time’. 

This is the amount of time a visitor spends on a page and it has been found that the visitors usually spend a much longer time watching videos that are relevant to their search. 

If anyone has been searching for Long Island wedding videography and lands on a page that has quality wedding videos, s/he is going to spend a long time watching such videos. 

In fact, s/he will spend much longer on such a page than on a page that just shows still pictures and text. Of course, text and images have their own significance but the video just happens to be a cut above all others. 

The numbers are all stacked up in favor of videos 

A very large number of businesses today are using videos to tell the stories of the brand/s they own. Through all of these, individual brands develop their own style of presentation that audiences get used to. 

Studies show amazing stats that simply cannot be overlooked. To begin with, 9 out of every 10 customers say that it’s a lot easier to make purchase decisions after watching a video of what they want to buy. 

On the other hand, almost all marketers are of the opinion that videos are very effective in helping their audiences understand their product or service offerings better. 

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