Govt to seek after Web search issue


(To watch the full media meeting with gesture based communication understanding, click here.)

Yet again the Public authority will write to research to seek after the question of putting the right data connected with the national anthem at the highest point of Google’s web search tool results page, CEO John Lee expressed today.

The Public authority had before made such a solicitation to research recorded as a hard copy, however the solicitation was turned down.

While resolving an inquiry by the media concerning the matter in front of the present Leader Board meeting, Mr Lee said: “as to the off base playing of our national anthem, we treat it exceptionally in a serious way in light hong kong national anthem of the fact that a national anthem addresses a country. It addresses individuals. It addresses poise.

“Any capable association ought to act in such a manner to guarantee that the national anthem is played accurately to regard, most importantly, every country’s national anthem, to regard every nation’s regulation and furthermore to regard individuals of that country. I believe that is a widespread standard and on the off chance that any organization is in any capacity mindful, it has that honest conviction.

“That is (our) interest and we will keep on seeing what different things we will do. So most certainly, we will send our letters to research in the future to seek after this.

“I likewise note that Google has consented to eliminate an individual’s security or confidential information as per a judgment of the European Court. So there are ways of getting it done. It involves whether an organization acts capably and regards the significance of a national anthem in the worldwide setting.”

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