How Fashion And Mental Health Connect With Each Other


Dressing up is a very serious matter, we look into it most. Before we going to anywhere we
have to dress up properly. You can not go in a casual outfit to a marriage ceremony. Or a
fancy dress in an office. Moreover, a dress is also a potential code of where we go, and
going for what purpose.

Mental Health & fashion

These days ever people have some anxiety depression and at least a reason to be sad. So,
it looks like we are living in a sad world. In addition, mental health and physical health are
very much related. If one of its got affected, another one is also affected too. But some very
famous health coaches and experts like ines de ramon suggest feeling free when you are ill
from mental health.
However, the big question is how? How we will free our minds?
The experts say, do whatever you want. Like just spent time with your hobby. But one extra
thing you can do is dress as you like. Be fashionable. It will reduce your serious stress.
Here we are discussing how fashion can reduce your depression.

● Clothes Influence Our Work-

A research report from Northwestern University claims that a specific dress deeply affected
the wearer’s work and performance. In other words, it plays a psychological role in the mind.
Significantly if the clothes carry some symbolic meaning, it plays better.
For instance, if a police uniform is a symbol of responsibility, duty, and a protective mindset.
When a person put on it, the character of the police started to shine in performance.
Or, a white coat or apron, mostly associated with scientific research. After wearing it the
character of this coat started to affect positively on their performance.

● Do Something Different-

The best thing to reduce the pressure is to wear as you like. Do not follow mass. Wear or do
something that everyone can not do.
If you are doing the same things as others, you can not make your own identity.
Automatically your confidence level goes down. There is a wide range of fashion options
available, go with that what you like not what others doing.

● Take Inspiration And Apply-

We all search for the best outfit in the mall with friends. But if you have to follow some
fashion icon or famous celebrities to match the best iconic outfit. We want to buy something
when we fade up with our wardrobe option. Following more people on social media will give
you the best idea of what fashion currently trending and how you can do better.

● Choose Color Wisely-

From historical times, color plays a decent role in our life. In fact, in these times color plays a
huge role in the dressing sense. Perfect color combinations of top-wear and bottom wear
give more limelight.
Different color of outfit evokes a different emotion, that directly affects our mind. For
instance, the color blue symbolizes harmony, peace, spirituality, positivity, and tranquility.

● Sweet And Perfect Scent-

Our first impression is created on others, how we smell. Yes, with the dress our fragrance is
also an important thing to consider. Most people do not take it seriously. And at a party or
program, they smell bad. You should use an aroma that mesmerized everyone. A sweet and
vegan fragrance like coco chanel perfume is always preferred.

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