How to Connect TikiTunes to iPhone?


On a vacation, a Bluetooth speaker can be a source of refreshment. The music must be more energizing because it is necessary for the entertainment purpose outside. 

I’ve used a fantastic Bluetooth speaker that can do more than just play music; TikiTunes is the Bluetooth speaker with magic.

You can also stream your favorite TV Shows and movies and enjoy the music on a TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker. Do you want to try free iPhone VPN to get access to geo-restricted music and TV Shows online? There are some free VPNs available; However, a free VPN will not be a good recommendation because they sell your data to a third party, slow down your iPhone and drain its battery swiftly. 

A portable Bluetooth speaker in the style of a hurricane lamp, TikiTunes adds enchantment to the outdoor setting with its flickering tiki torch.

It enhances and improves the night-time scenes. 

All cell phones are capable of using them. Here you can learn how to connect TikiTunes to the iPhone:

Ways to Connect TikiTunes to iPhone:

The finest Bluetooth speaker, TikiTunes, offers incredible capabilities and is simple to set up. It enables you to pair two TikiTunes so that the stereo sound may fill a big space. 

Through Bluetooth communication, pairing with Android phones is fairly simple. I’ll demonstrate here how to link your iPhone with TikiTunes. Take these actions:

  • Power On TikiTunes Bluetooth Speakers

Press the power button on the TikiTunes to turn it on. Complete a full charge before utilizing. The 2000 mAH battery charges in around 2.5 hours. No further software is required for iPhone control.

The ambient light that flickers can be turned on or off as desired. The flickering light creates a pleasant and endearing atmosphere at night. Music can be enjoyed without a light source.

  • Pair it with Your iPhone 

Turn on Bluetooth by going to Settings on your iPhone. Press the name of the TikiTunes Bluetooth network when you see it to pair.

After a successful pairing, set it up where you can listen to music. With its cutting-edge Bluetooth technology, you can connect to it from a far distance.

  • Dual Connectivity 

To expand the sound, you can attach two TikiTunes speakers. The Tikitunes should be placed on the same table for matching. Activate the Bluetooth on each speaker.

After flashing, keep holding the first Tikitunes power button. For other Tikitunes speakers, use the same techniques. You may now have endless fun wherever you go by listening to music from your linked iPhone.

Special Features and Benefits of TikiTunes Bluetooth Speakers 

TikiTunes has many features and advantages that set it apart from other services and make it more well-liked and practical.

TikiTunes Speakers pairing: For greater coverage, link up two speakers. To broadcast music across a large region, you must first pair them by placing them side by side, then 30 feet apart. You can listen to the same tunes in several rooms thanks to this feature.

High-Quality Audio: Tikitunes features a built-in dual speaker that produces strong bass and excellent sound so you can listen to music for hours. It produces a clear sound in an open space so that everyone can hear the music.

Long Playtime: The 2000 mAh strong battery in TikiTunes allows for 6 to 10 hours of music playback. You may use a USB cord to recharge it in about 2.5 hours. Therefore, you can bring a power bank to add entertainment to your outings and activities.

Durable and Transportable: Because of its modest weight, it is suitable for all outdoor activities. Its sturdy construction guarantees protection from the sun, rain, and other harsh elements. Enjoy your smart device’s music.

The Tikitunes’ Yellow LED: flickering light is probably its most alluring feature. At night, the lighting creates a lovely setting that almost looks like a DJ show. Your parties and outings will be more fun as the light blinks to the music.

Why do You need TikiTune Speakers?

It’s not just a Bluetooth speaker. Any smartphone can simply handle managing it. Additionally, it includes big control buttons for easier operation. Its strong bass sound and LED flickering light provide a pleasant atmosphere for outdoor events like parties and trips.

Its Bluetooth range is 30 feet, and additional Tikitunes speakers may be added to cover a larger area. You can attach anything to the speaker via the bottom hole. We need the TikiTunes speaker to take advantage of these incredible features.

Final Words: 

The TikiTunes speaker offers the ideal ambiance and a strong bass music experience. It is simple to use on smart devices. Although not all devices are compatible with iPhone’s Bluetooth, you can still easily enjoy endless music and fun from the device.

Durable materials and an LED flame were used in its fabrication. You may listen to music in the rain, cold, sun, or humidity. It includes cutting-edge Bluetooth technology with a 30-foot coverage radius and continuous music play. 

By connecting a second TikiTunes speaker, you can increase its range. Get the enchanted Bluetooth speaker to improve your outings.

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