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Iqbal Qurashi – Zindabaad


Custom packaging matters a lot for a business, whether it has physical shops or just virtual existence. Especially for online stores, it’s a great chance to build a first impression. An online business doesn’t have a store layout or great employees to show to its potential customers. So, a package design is an important part of every brand. You have to act smartly and follow each step of the manufacturing and design phase to get a professional output. A perfect and eye-catching box will yield a positive result in the long run. Here are some important steps that you need to consider for designing your boxes exceptionally:

1. Appropriate Material for Custom Fucking Packaging

Just by looking at the box, you can tell if the packaging is good or not. Materials of custom Fucking packaging are the backbone of its overall look. The selection of inferior material will put a bad impression on your brand. So, making use of fine-quality material is mandatory. There are different high-quality options like Kraft, corrugated paperboard, cardboard, etc. You need to choose the material that is suitable for your product. For example, a paperboard is a solid white chipboard that can be coated or not. It’s light, and it offers you clear prints. You can choose this material if your products are not so heavy and require high branding.

Furthermore, corrugated board is made of paperboard laminated with fluted paper. This material is good for delicate or heavy products. You can choose to build your boxes with one or two walls. The final decision depends upon the safety requirements of the inside product.

2. Suitable box Style

After selecting the appropriate material, the next important step is choosing the right style for your packing boxes. Here again, the product will decide the ideal style of the box. For example, you can go for mailer boxes if you want to send products over long distances. Similarly, folding cartons are good for displaying a brand image. You can find them on many store shelves, giving your products a unique identity. These boxes are common for tea, candy, cosmetics, toys, and other high-end items.

Furthermore, you can choose two-piece rigid boxes as they are suitable for expensive products. They are made of chipboard, up to four times stronger than paperboard. Their hard walls provide ultimate protection, and the lid makes the unboxing experience convenient. This makes them the strongest box style you’ll find in a store. Perfumes, expensive alcoholic drinks, valuable gifts, and high-end watches are often packaged. It is also common and works well for mobiles or other electronic gadgets. In short, different styles of boxes have their features. One must choose the most appropriate style for a product within the budget.

3. Design and Artwork

The design and artwork of your packaging decide the success and failure of any product. A boring design will never catch the attention of potential customers. So, you cannot ignore this fact while designing your shipping boxes. How your customer feels about the product is affected by its color, texture, and artwork. So the first impression is important. This is the most significant thing you need to do to make great boxes for the success of your business. You can’t just print color on a piece of cardboard and expect it to work. It has to fit your product, work well, be safe, and look professional at the same time.

Moreover, your packaging design should fit the products present inside it. The way you package your products should make them look better. This is only possible with an attractive and unique design. So, list all the elements of your product and brand’s design, and start your artwork. You can also hire a designer for creative ideas for your box design.

4. Labelling and Printing

After finalizing your design, you must select the information you want to put on your packaging boxes. Effective labeling is a must for a strong market campaign. Customers can distinguish your product from others if you choose clear logos and attractive tag lines. Other than this, you can add an important feature to the box. This thing will motivate the customer to try a new product. Not just external printing, inside printing, is a great way to surprise your customers and make their experience better.

Printing on the inside of the packaging makes your brand look better. It lets you tell your story by creating a beautiful interior. Such custom-printed boxes give you more chances to get your customers’ attention. Thus, you can use this space to write about your company, a value you stand for, etc.

5. Inserts and Fillers

This is another important step in custom printing and packaging. Inserts are a good way to protect your product even more. Inserts add stability to the inside products. They make them look better by keeping them in the middle of the box when you open it. You can have various types of inserts. For example, foam inserts are commonly in use for high-end products. They are made from polyurethane, polyethylene, and polystyrene, giving your product great cushioning. If you are looking for cheap inserts of fillers, then you can go for corrugated cardboard inserts. They are cheaper and can be printed on to fit your needs.

6. Ideal Finishing for Custom Packaging

This is the final step of designing a perfect packaging solution. But this is the most important one because it will also give you brand new attire. There are many finishing options that you can choose for branding. Depending upon the nature of your product, you can go with a matte or glossy coating on the box. Furthermore, debossing and embossing are two ways to give your package a fine finish. In debossing, letters or patterns are pressed into the surface. In embossing, letters have raised surfaces on the box. With this method, it looks like parts of your box are lifted even though they aren’t. These techniques give your packaging a very attractive personality. Not just these coatings, you have many other options. Gold foil and other high-end extras will make a box look amazing. These options give a new identity to your business.

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Custom packaging does require some creative thinking. You need to consider various factors of packaging that can stand out your product. A brand can put its company values on the box for effective labeling. With your brand’s message, you’re telling the worth of products to your target audiences. Choosing the right material and the right style and design will boost your business’s sales. In short, your final product will have more style because of the materials, shapes, and finishes you use. Thus, this step-by-step implementation will help you create perfect custom packages that sell.

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