MBBS in Philippines is recommended to most International students looking to study medicine abroad


The Philippines, a Southeast Asian Country in the Western Pacific Ocean, consists of seven thousand plus Islands. The Republic of the Philippines is a founding member of the UN, WTO, and ASEAN. Considering medical education, this country stands out as one of the popular preferences among various countries.

MBBS In Philippines

MBBS in Philippines is most recommended for Indian medical aspirants with doctor dreams
Indian Student in Philippines Medical college

The medical course in the Republic of Philippines is called the MD program, doctor of Medicine. The MD program of the Philippines is comparable to the MBBS program in the UK, India, and other Commonwealth countries. This program consists of medical theory, practicals, and clinical rotation lending favorable exposure to the students. The degrees from medical universities in the Republic of Philippines are acknowledged by the World Health Organization and Medical Council of India.

Indian students love to enroll in Philippines Medical Colleges to study Medicine for its wide range of advantages ahead of other countries offering medical education. The top-quality education provided along with equal practical xposure helps medical aspirants gain good clinical knowledge.

Why enroll in a Medical Course in the Philippines?

The Republic of the Philippines offers top-quality education with a safe environment for foreign students.

In contrast to other countries, the fee for the MD program is comparably low. Not just that, the medical degree is accepted across the globe, which helps students to get a job worldwide.

The academic calendar for the programs starts in June and ends in March. Each academic year is divided into two-semesters, the duration of each semester is five months, one from June to October, and the second one from November to March. The infrastructure of medical colleges is considerably preferable in terms of staff, equipment, and technology.

The students are provided with hands-on training and practical clinical rounds boosting their comprehensive growth as a doctor. International students of Indian nationality are eligible to take the NMC screening exam after pursuing a medical degree in the Philippines. The MBBS degree from a college in the Philippines is recognized by both the World Health Organization and NMC.

Top Advantages of studying MD in the Philippines

Safe Environment

Did you know, this country holds the highest literacy rate of 95% in Asia? This implies that the majority of the population in the country constitutes an educated class, which further makes the Philippines a praiseworthy and safe place to go for studying.

Not just that the country is a blend of several cultures established as a friendly country, giving the International students an additional advantage to not be treated as foreigners. The students studying here feel comfortable and safe with the friendly environment of the country helping students to focus better on their studies.

Medium of Study is English

The Republic of the Philippines is famous internationally for its medicine program. There are several well-established private medical colleges and universities in the country. The Philippines follows the US-based system of medical education. Quality medical education ( MBBS in Philippines) is recognized by the WHO. The students who wish to study MBBS abroad from more than 55 countries consider the Philippines as their top-most preference.

Better Career Growth

International students who wish to study MBBS abroad must consider the Philippines. The country is a hub of advanced medical education with several top universities. The MBBS in Philippines gives better employment prospects.

Affordable MBBS in Philippines

To study MBBS in Philippines is a very affordable place, in terms of both economic accommodation and living expenses. The prices of the medicine course are very economical in comparison to other countries. Even, there is a donation system.  Philippines MBBS fees for top-ranking colleges remain affordable for International students looking to study medicine abroad.

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