What Are The 6 Musculoskeletal Disorders Treated By An Orthopedic Doctor?


Healthy bones, muscles, and joints are essential for a fit and healthy life. Early diagnosis of the issues can help in getting treatment with positive outcomes. You need to go to the best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai for all problems of the bones, joints, muscles, and related parts. Some of the common musculoskeletal disorders that require visiting an orthopedic doctor are as follows:

  1. Tendonitis

It is a condition that causes inflammation of a tendon. Tendons are the fibrous tissues that connect a muscle to a bone. It often affects the shoulder or elbow. Tendonitis can also affect the ankle or wrist.

  1. Osteoarthritis

It is also known as arthritis. The condition causes the cartilage to wear down gradually. Cartilage is the rubbery tissues at the end of bones that help protect the bones. This condition is associated with immense pain in the joints. Joint pain due to osteoarthritis usually occurs in the hands, lower back, knees, hips, and neck.

  1. Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis makes the body attack its healthy cells. Rheumatoid arthritis can erode the bones causing deformities in the joints, especially the fingers. It begins by affecting the cartilage, and the inflammation gradually spreads to other parts of the body. Rheumatoid arthritis requires immediate treatment to prevent the erosion of bones.

  1. Bone Fractures

Your bones become weak due to overuse. Sometimes trauma or disease can also lead to the weakening of the bones. At times, the bones become so weak that it leads to breakage. The bones can break. A bone fracture is extremely painful, and sometimes it can cause temporary loss of functionality in a hand, leg, or foot.

  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that leads to a pinched nerve in the wrist. It is often caused due to excessive flexion or use of the hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome creates a tingling sensation or numbness in the arm or hand. If carpal tunnel syndrome is left untreated, permanent damage or disability can also occur.

  1. Fibromyalgia

It is a condition that results in tenderness and pain in the muscles. It causes extreme fatigue in some cases and also affects the mood and memory of a person. Fibromyalgia can also affect your sleep schedule to a great extent.

Treatment For Musculoskeletal Diseases

Musculoskeletal diseases can lead to joint stiffness, recurrent pain, and swelling. It often limits the range of motion of the affected person. The day-to-day activities of the affected person might get hampered due to musculoskeletal diseases. Therefore, a medical consultation with an orthopedic doctor is necessary if you have musculoskeletal diseases.

Your doctor will conduct a physical checkup to test your reflexes and look for muscle weakness. An orthopedic doctor might also prescribe imaging tests to help diagnose musculoskeletal diseases. Get in touch with the best orthopedic to treat your musculoskeletal problems today.


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