Why Should You Avoid Buying Cheap Smartphones?


Indeed, not everyone has the budget to buy smartphones belonging to top global brands thanks to their massive price tags. The good news is that still there are manufacturers that offer feature-filled mobile phones for reasonable prices. For example, most buyers will find huawei mate 50 price in ksa pretty reasonable. The phone is not pricey despite boasting a series of advanced features. 

While buying a reasonably priced smartphone is a good idea, it would be wise for you to stay away from excessively cheap pieces. Are you wondering why? The pointers below will help you to discover the truth about cheap mobile phones. 

They Mostly Come with Poor Quality Touchscreens 

Most cheap smartphones feature touchscreens of extremely low quality. They tend to have resolutions below 480×320 pixels, which is terrible if you compare them with the best handsets available on the market currently. Such poor resolution often makes it difficult for users to comprehend images and text.

What’s more, low-quality touchscreens are usually not responsive enough. People tend to struggle a lot to reach their desired page, which has a poor impact on the overall user experience offered by these devices. You will also be troubled by the dead pixels, which keep appearing on the screen of these cheap phones. 

Cheap Smartphones Feature Low-Speed Processors and Insufficient RAM 

When you are buying a smartphone by paying just around $100 or even less, you cannot expect it to come equipped with a high-speed processor. Without a high-speed processor (these phones mostly feature processors that are clocked at below 1GHz), the device will not be compatible with many popular mobile games and apps. The GPUs of these phones are also not good enough to run any games with advanced graphics. 

Apps are becoming bigger and more RAM hungry with every passing day. Cheap smartphones tend to come with less than 512 MB RAM, which means none of the big apps can be operated smoothly on these devices. 

These Phones Are Rarely Sturdy 

Your phone may be made of metal, glass, or plastic; if the material is of high quality, you can expect the device to be hard-wearing. When you buy a cheap smartphone, you shouldn’t expect it to be sturdy and durable as the materials used for manufacturing these low-cost units are almost always of extremely poor quality. 

These products will most likely get damaged if it falls on a hard surface, and thanks to the poor-quality materials the damage would be permanent on most occasions. Even if you handle the device with extreme care, you will not be able to prevent it from developing visible scratches all over its body within a few months of use. 

The Camera of These Phones Are Usually Useless 

You will be able to capture any satisfactory photo neither with the back camera nor with the selfie camera of these phones. These cheap devices feature cameras that are more or less useless. 

Final Words 

The discussion above must have helped you to understand why you should stay away from cheap smartphones. Buying a cheap mobile phone will result in a complete waste of money. So, instead of looking for cheap options, you should opt for an affordably priced unit that comes with all the necessary features and has managed to receive good user feedback.

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