20 Must-Follow Facebook Pages of Streaming Platforms


Facebook now known as Meta Platforms Inc is the first name that comes to mind when you hear the words social media. With 2.91 billion active users every month, Facebook easily is the best place for streaming platform marketers to promote their content. So, here are  20 Must-Follow Facebook Pages of Streaming Platforms

Netflix: With over 82,712,428 likes and followed by 83,336,306 people Netflix is the most followed page of any streaming platform.

This is due to the fact that they have a very unique approach to promoting their content using memes, clips from their shows, sharing behind-the-scenes and interesting content featuring celebrities.

You can watch trailers of new shows and interact with the fans of your favorite shows in the comment section. They also have regional Facebook pages to promote country-based content with pages like Netflix Spain, Netflix India, etc.

Prime Video: It has 16,358,931 likes and 16,918,050 people follow this to get updated or watch trailers and clips from the shows available on prime video.

Disney+: With the tagline “Celebrate the stories you love”. Disney+ has over 5,057,168 likes and 6,019,354 follows.

Apple Tv: New to the market but slowly gaining a massive following is Apple TV+ with 28,544,192 likes and a following by 28,695,829 people.

HBO max: Known for its mature content has  4,973,736 like and 5,348,997 follows.

Hulu: Best known for live sports streaming Hulu has 3,402,238 likes and 3,448,794 fans following.

Espn+: With their unique approach of streaming only live sports Espn+ has huge numbers of followers on Facebook.

Peacock TV: After Netflix lost its content like The Office, Peacock TV released never seen before clips from the show when it started streaming, and hence it gained a mass following. Now it has 291,844 likes and 456,709 follow the same.

 9anime app: Apps with exclusive anime content such as 9anime app are very popular on Facebook.

 CBS all access: It has 1,640,188  likes and it’s currently followed by 2,179,227 people.

Pluto Tv: Having free access to over 120+ channels the streaming platform has impressive 354,096 likes and 426,693 follow the same.

 Sling tv: It has a massive fan following on its Facebook page with over 1,021,459 and it’s followed by 1,020,300 people.

 Tubi: Launched in 2014, Tubi tv has over 447,956 likes and 535,762 follows.

 fuboTv: known for UEFA Nations League matches has 302,130 followers and 289,537 likes.

 Vudu: It’s a famous streaming platforms with content that you can enjoy for weeks in a year. It has 316961 likes and 381639 follows.

 Crackle: Crackle Tv does not require subscription or login and has 1,260,258 likes and current followed by 1,250,267 people.

 Voot: Voot currently has 1615166 likes and 2869425 follows.

 Sony Liv: It has 3779380 likes and followed by 4952116 people.

 Zee5: The zee5 app has all the content by Zeenetwork and has 2128081 follow and 1849685 likes.

 Lionsgate: It has 2895080 likes and 3242244 follow their page.

Out of 77% of total internet users everyone uses facebook or atleast one of its platform making it the best place for marketers to share their streaming platforms content.

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