3 Best-Proven Ways to Convert Jpeg to Pdf


When you store a picture from the smartphone or computer, it is almost always saved as a JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group),  or .jpg file format. Sometimes people need to convert JPEG (image) to PDF version because PDF is a universal file format supported by all browsers and also helps to share the file on different platforms. JPEG to PDF converter is the best option to convert JPEG/JPG images to PDF without distorting the quality image. In this article, we will discuss the best ways to transform the image to PDF file format with help of a JPEG image to PDF converter instantly.


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If you have JPEG files and want to convert into PDF, it’s the best choice to use JPEG image to PDF converter without losing quality image. Even theonlineconverter.com offers best JPEG to PDF converter that allows you convert JPEG to PDF for ease.


This application gives you an ideal JPEG to PDF converter that allows its users to convert JPEG/JPG images to PDF files. It also lets you convert PDF to compatible file formats (Word, PPT, Excel, and others). Users can use this application to make batch conversions to save time and energy. One of the unique features of this application is compressing large-size images to PDF while keeping the quality. With this application, users can easily edit, OCR, create, secure, and share PDF files. The downside of PDFelement Pro is that users need to download this application and then they will enable to make conversions from JPEG to PDF. And, to get more functions you need to pay for it.

How to convert JPEG to PDF with PDFelement?

Step #1:

Once the PDFelement is downloaded, click the “Create PDF” button in the home window. Also, you can select on the “File” button and choose “Create” > From File” to choose a JPG/JPEG file to open in PDFelement.

Step #2:

You can also select file from browser, local drive and then choose “Open”. Once you click on the  “Open” button. The conversion process will start.

Step #3:

After converting JPG to PDF, yoiui can also make edit and use the OCR feature if you want.

Step #4:

After that, click on the Downlaod button and save your files within no minutes.


This software is a web-based PDF editor that provides you with JPEG to PDF converter since you can create an account and also buy a premium plan for a month. You can take additional advantages of image extraction services from this best software. It allows you to turn jpeg into pdf with a couple of steps. Just add the JPEG image into the converter, click on the “Convert” button and save it quickly. You can also share your converted files into different programs. Moreover, the software allows you other features such as portrait, landscape, page size, and margin the files. Learn about Wpit18 and 6streams

How to convert JPEG to PDF with iLovePDF?

Step #1:

Select JPEG images that you want to upload from your desktop or file folders, drag it to the web page, and drop it, the upload process should begin automatically. You also can select images to upload manually from your desktop or file folders by clicking the “Select JPG images” option.

Step #2:

Whether you want to convert multiple files, press the “Command” key on your Mac keyboard, or “CTRL” key on your Windows keyboard on each image that you want.

Step #3:

Once you uploaded the images, you can also change the image orientation such has portrait or landscape and margins (no margin or with margin)


This software is an ideal to perform conversions files to and from compatible file formats in couple of seconds. This provides you with an online JPEG to PDF converter that allows you to change jpg to pdf without no compromising on the image quality. You can make the conversions by add the files into the converter, click on the “Convert” button and save your files instantly. You can use this tool freely and no sign-up, installation is required for conversions. You can export jpeg as pdf using any browser or device since there is no restrictions to make apk conversions.

How to Convert JPG to PDF with theonlineconverter?

Step #1:

Drop or upload JPEG/JPG file into the designated area of the converter. You may also add batch JPG files to convert them into PDF files

Step #2:

Now, Hit the “Convert” button and wait for a second

Step #3:

Simply, make click on the “Download” button and save your files into desired location

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